Friday, 16 July 2010

Busy Day, lots of things to show you

Well today is the last day of my weeks annual leave, and it's continued  to rain all week but still have managed to get lots of things done so all hasn't been in vain, it would have been nicer if I could have sat in the garden a little but, heyho!   -was not to be. I went out yesterday to do a little shopping , just general things , toiletries, some more paint brushes and a new doormat for when I have finished decorating the lobby, but couldn't resist coming home with this too,as It was really cheap and -- I needed it!

Really I did need it, you see I have Fibromyalgia, and sometimes it really hurts my hand when pushing the plunger of the cafetierre down, so now - yey, no more plunging in the mornings , and as I said was really cheap, just £7.99 from Wilkinsons, don't know if I'm allowed to advertise on a blog but anyway I've done it now.    So anyway I bet your thinking what about the progress with the lobby, well I'm still getting on with it slow but steady, it involves working in a confined space and a lot of looking up when I paint the ceiling which makes me go rather dizzy, but I am persevering and all will be revealed when I finish it, but for now just so that you don't think I'm skiving here is another progress photo.

Well as I say I made a lot of progress on the lobby, then when I'de done all the boring housework stuff I made these lovely buttercreamy good things, and a chicken curry for dinner tonight.

Remember the blanket I was inspired to make by Lucy at Attic 24?, well here is the picture of my progress so far, managed to do some more of that today too,

I am sooooo enjoying crocheting again after all this time, I think the last thing I crocheted  was a pram blanket for my freinds baby when I was about 24, and I'm 57 now!!, and the baby has daughters of her own!  And the last thing I have to show you today is a little sneak preveiw of some of the Barbie outfits I have been making for my shop to replace the ones I sold.

She wasn't being very good today, she was waving at someone I think. -- I did tell you I was getting a bit eccentric, if someone could come along and chat to me on here you could halt the progress of my eccentricity!  Well it's back to work on Monday so I may not have as much time to blog, but I still have the weekend to sew in amongst the household jobs. I hope you all have a good weekend, and also hope we all have some good weather in there.
Bye for now!

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  1. well done you - you have done more than me today :-)


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