Sunday, 15 May 2011

All ready for summer

Hi there well the sun is being very shy here today and the rain decided to come out to play instead, but at
Dottie's Dolls the sun is shining because all the dolls have new summer dresses to show off!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Custom order, spring flowers and new crocs.

I have finally finished the custom order that I have been working on  for my Philadelphia customer, it includes lots of girly outfits like these, I have sent her some photo's and she seems realy pleased with them so that is very heartening, I always like to see my customers satisfied with what they have bought.

Lat week I was having a rather bad  fibro flare up, so couldn't do much or go out much without suffering a lot of pain, so I cheered myself up a little by cutting some lilac from my kind neighbours huge lilac bush. It smelled heavenly.!

And here is an also heavenly new strawberry print jug my OH bought for me from the market at Skipton, (looks like its just off the shelf from Kath Kidston doesn't it?), I filled it with multi coloured tulips for a totally delicious look! I absolutely love it!

Pink buttercream icing I made for some cupcakes today to welcome my son home from his wonderful holiday in Florida with his freind and his friend's family. He will be home tommorow morning and I have sooo missed him, but he's had a truly wonderful time. We have kept in touch by texting.
A few weeks ago I bought these cute crocs ( I wear crocs instead of slippers, so much better for my achey feet and knees), I got them half price, just £6.00, at a closing down sale in a sports shop.! so I was well pleased with my bargain, and just love them, don't you?
They are so pink and sparkly too, and I don't think anyone is too old for 'hello Kitty' !