Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Late showing and more dolls outfits

Hi There, well I know I have stayed away for a while but I didn't realise it had been so long, Now that I have logged in to post this blog posting I realise it was before Christmas!!!! since I last posted, so  I am very sorry. My only excuse is that I had so many sales coming up to Christmas from my shop, that I have been sewing like mad whenever I have the time, to try and re-stock the dolls clothes in there. Actually I have two excuses, my second one is that as well as the part time nursing job I already have I have now  joined the nursing bank and also work Wednesday afternoons now, which means I have  a little bit bit more in my monthly wage, (needed to help the afore mentioned son at uni), and also it helps to boost my future pension, so that when I retire in 3 years- Yes three years folks! yipee!- I will then have more time to commit to this blog and my shop, and will be able to finally call myself self employed. yeay! 
So now I have missed posting about Christmas, new year, Valentines day, and Mothers day. But I will just mention that also Just imediately after Christmas I lost a very dear freind of mine to a brain tumour and we knew about it and that the end would inevitably come at the end of August last year so I would like to also post a little tribute to a very brave and immensly strong willed lady, who because of her passing the world is missing a very special person, sleep well my lovely freind.

Well I did save some photos of my Mothers day presents from my son so I must have had this blog entry in mind somewhere so I hope you will frogive me for showing them off now. He is a very lovely lad that despite me saying on his request 'what would you like for mothers day mum?' - just get me a card and I'll be happy- he bought me the biggest box of my most favourite chocolates

And a beautiful tin containing lots of bath bombs, soaps etc. He said when he gave it to me 'well you will have a nice tin afterwards to keep your sewing stuff in' aw thats my son- he knows me well. I'm not allowed to advertise on here I don't think but if you look at the white bath bomb the eagle eyed ones amongst you will be able to see the brand name  ;) .

I also recently went to Wakefield on a little shopping expedition, I was originally going to Manchester on one of my usual trips for fabrics but when I got to the station there was a problem and there were lots of people milling around the station that had been let off the trains, that were rendered stationary due to a fault somewhere in leeds, then all the trains were delayed except for one going to wakefield. As I have lived in Yorkshire for 32 years now and never been to wakefield I decided fate was telling me to go and hopped on the train.
  And I am glad I did as it is a lovely place, with some lovely historic buildings and good shops. I called in the cathedral and lit one of my usual candles for friends and members of family that have passed. I always find this a comforting thing to do, and love to be in a peaceful church for a little serene space of time whilst shopping in a big town.
And I popped in the indoor market and found these lovely cushions , which I just had to buy, its good to treat yourself once in a while isn't it?

The first green one is one  of two I already had bought earlier near  Christmas time, just the covers, from Wilkinsons , the photo doesn't show the colour up too well, they are actually a lime green satin with sequins sewn on in rows, the two black ones on the right are the ones I bought in Wakefield , they are both in black velvet, the one in the middle  has a sumptuous black braid with large round crystals hanging from it, absolutely love it but I won't let anyone use it to lean on, its just to look at you understand! ha ha!  ;) . And the other one is also black velvet with silver stitching and large oval clear jewels attached, love them both.  NB -Actually now that I have mentioned Wilkinsons you may as well know too, the bath bombs in a tin are from Lush! haha!

Anyway as I said earlier I really have spent a lot of time sewing to restock the shop and today I have been putting the finishing touches to some of  the outfits, sewing on buttons, motifs etc. ready for photographing them and listing them in my shop this evening.

Actually this has turned out to be I think, one of my longest postings on here! - So after such a lot of typing and loading pics,  I do hope someone comes along to read it and my regular followers havn't given up on me as a bad blogger , :(  maybe someone may even post a comment ?!  Ha Ha I live in hope, until next time ta ta for now and enjoy all the things you usually enjoy, and I will too- byeee x