Friday, 30 September 2011

Son off to uni and an op for me :(

I'm afraid I haven't blogged for some time, please do forgive me, life has been busy, I injured my knee, and it has taken me longer to do things than usual, and has taken me all my time to get back to work too, but now things are getting a little more onto an even keel, ..... I hope!!

There has been one massive change around here as I now have an empty nest!
My son has left for university! I never thought this day would come so quickly, it doesn't seam a minute since his first day at primary!  However he is off doing what he has been longing to do for some time, he is studying for a BA in Musical theatre and has settled in to uni life quite happily, and I am very proud of him, but missing him quite a lot :( . However he is coming home for most of this weekend before going back to audition for a part in a show, so I am looking forward to seeing him again.
I think Jazz is too, he keeps looking enquiringly at me as If to say 'Where is he mum'?
However I have been kept busy with the day job, once I got moving again and had physio, after injuring my knee and was able to go back to work, and also have been busy on custom orders and making new stock for the shop.

Yes this is my little sewing space in my house,  ;)  the kitchen - no less, and I'm sure you can spot my sons bike in front of the window :) I am going to try to persuade him to take it back to uni with him I think, as he will certainly spending more time there in the next three years!

Anyway now I am back to having physio to do on my knee as I have now had the repair op done, so I am grimly, painfully battling to do the exercises and hoping for the best.  Which has given me time to blog again!.... so all is not bad after all !