Thursday, 6 March 2014

These are the shoes that I couldnt show you last time I blogged as the 'putting on photos' process wasn't working properly that day. So I decided to put the photo on first today to make sure it was working ok. I have created a new header photo as I don't make rag dolls now, I decided I was getting too diverse with my creations and now just concentrate on my custom orders and stocking the shop. These were for a custom order, but I am in the process of making more for the shop. I have lots of ideas for new outfits and now that I have more time since my retirement I hope to put all of them into practice.   Speaking of custom orders I am at present making some fairy outfits for a lady and finished one the other day.It is a tinkerbell outfit for Annabell, I am now in the process of making a Pirate fairy outfit for the same customer which apparently is a Disney charector from a cartoon film, I will put a photo on when they are both finished, of both outfits on the doll.

I am quite pleased with the tinkerbell outfit, I used the hotwand to add several tiny gemsones in green and diamond colour to the net overskirt but it doesn't show that terribly well on this photo, sorry.

Here above is the First communion dress that I also couldn't load last time I blogged, it took to attempts this morning but I finally made it! I don't know what is the matter with blogger lately! it certainly makes blogging hard work!  This was an outfit I made to match a little girls first Communion dress and both her and her mum were very pleased with it as the didn't realise it would match almost completely the photo of the little girls dress that her mum sent me. To see the feedback message I got from the mother regarding this order ou can go to my shop here and visit the customer comments page.
Well I think thats all for today I must get back to the sewing process, its all go at Dotties Dolls today, I am anxiously awaiting spring when I can move the sewing machine outside to the garden and do some more sewing 'al fresco'.