Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cup cakes for my son

I just made these cup cakes for my son, to celebrate his glowing report and grades from college that I got through the post from college this morning, soooooooooooooo proud of him, and knowing he is on the right path to achieve his carear goals. Well done my son!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A trip to Mum's

Hi again, this blogpost I am going to show you a little of where I used to live when I was younger and where my mum still lives. It's a little village in Lancashire.  Mum is 87 now but still in quite good health, she lives alone but has lots of  contact with my sisters, their families and my neice. Sadly we lost Dad three years ago.
We often go to see her on a Sunday and if its decent weather we sometimes go for a meal together at a nearby Carvery.

We always look at the water levels of the dam as we pass on our way to the motorway in Yorkshire, some of you may recognise it as Scammonden Dam. It was a lovely warm day.

This was my old primary school in the village where Mum lives. it is a house now, so you can tell how tiny it was. there was a hall, where our morning assemblies were held, and where we read our Catechism, on saints days we went to the church which was directly across the road, the church yard is on both sides of the road, next to church and school, my Dad's grave is there and only five minutes walk from Mum's house so she can visit there regularly.
There were just two classrooms in the school, and lunches were served in the schoolhouse kitchen next door, a cloakroom at the back and a small schoolyard and outside toilet block. I went to this School from being ten When we moved here from the town, until senior school at twelve. I think there were probably about 70 children attended. The 8,9 and ten year olds were all taught in one classroom at different educational levels, and the 5-7s in the other remaining classroom and hall.

This is the veiw from the end of Mum's back garden. A large field, it used to be fields at the front of the house as well, I could run through fields all the way down the lane and then uphill to the farm at the top where I used to play with a playmate who lived on the farm. Of course it has all been built on now and the farm was turned into a childrens home for a while.
These horses have been here for a large number of years now, they are rescue horses and there are five altogether, they come and look over Mum's hedge waiting for apples.
When the houses were first built and the hedge wasn't there, there used to be cows in the field , and on returning from a shopping trip, after hanging out the washing before we left we returne to find all the cows in the, as yet, unmade garden and all the washing being trampled under their feet!, I remember Mum being understandingly furious and us both being a little scared. But I also remember lying in the field on sunny days amongst the cows with my school books studying, and also remember Dad stopping me from trying to climb onto their backs to ride them, so I must have got over the washing experience.

This is my OH tucking into the carvery Sunday lunch that we had that day, £6.50 per head with free ice cream thrown in. - Can't be bad, can it?.  Mum loves to go there, and we all enjoy the meal.
Must go now, I have to go online to book which tutors to see at my son's parents evening at his College, it's the first time I've done this so I hope I don't make any mistakes, How life changes, everything computerised now, a far cry from life in that little village church school that I showed you earlier!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The making of a rag doll

Hi again. Well today I thought it might be interesting to show you what goes into the making of my rag dolls that I sell in the shop . I have had some comments from customers, that although good, saying the dolls are lovely and that they pleased with their purchase, that they expected them to be bigger, I make them  to measure about 13 inches tall. This is by no means a tell off to the people concerned, as I am very grateful and pleased with all who purchase but just thought it would be interesting really  to show the work that goes into making them.

I start by painting the face with fabric dye, shaping the head and sewing all the pieces of the doll together.

Then I turn the peices and stuff all the body components, with fire resistent wadding, and stitch the parts together to make the doll.

Then its time to make the hair from wool and sew it together.

And stitch it to the dolls head.

Then its time to make the removable outfit. The bloomers, all lace trimmed.

The dress, all the clothes are overlocked, trimmed with lace etc.

The broderie-anglaise apron, also trimmed with lots of lace and ribbons etc.

Little shoes made from either felt or leather look fabric,

And so we come to the finished doll, all ready and waiting to be adopted!

And finally, I digress, seen in Wilkinsons store when I went in today, a lady trying on gardening gloves! Now am I missing something here?,-- I always thought they were one size!