Sunday, 9 October 2011

Custom orders and a rainy day

Hi all, well I am getting over my op now and the knee feels much stronger.  I am very busy too at the moment with custom orders for dolls clothes, getting on with those with the hopes of more to come now we're getting nearer Christmas, I just hope peeps don't leave it until late to order custom made as they do take longer then just sewing to stock the shop, as there are certain fabrics to buy for the different outfits wanted.

And what an awful weekend it has been to be sure weatherwise.  This is the view that I face as I'm sewing today, you can see how dull it is , and the rain beating on the windowpane.  You can also see what a mess my garden is in, I haven't been able to get out in it much this summer as my knee has been paining me since I injured it back in April. And my OH has been busy with his upholstery business.  So I do apologise for the photo, really it was just to show you the weather  ;(   of course if anyone wants to offer their services of the agricultural kind I would be more than thankfull, ...........OK then but give me full marks for trying ;)

Our son is settling well into uni life, being a little mischevious around the town as students do, but nothing bad, just silly --planking and stuff like that but he is looking after himself and posted one of his meals that he made himself on facebook to show that he is a superchef.
In fact I am just about to ring him back now as he has just answered his phone to me amid an uproar of  'oh my god!' and other expletives, and much hysterical, loud laughter, as  he and his flatmates were just returning from the pub as I rang and apparently someone has returned to a flooded room, not my son I hope, but there was so much of a kerfuffle coming over the phone I couldn't make much out , hence I will ring back and hope that they have calmed down somewhat.  Oh the fun of it all!
Ta-ta for now.