Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dolls footwear and handbags

Dolls footwear and bags

Happy new year to you!
Last year I added some new items to the shop, and managed to devise a pattern for dolls boots using the simple shoe pattern that I already use as a guide, after a couple of tries and tweaks I managed to produce these!  I was quite  excited about my  discovery I can tell you!
Doll's 'ugg' boots

Doll's boots

Doll's boots
And they seem to be a success as I have sold them all!
I do find that since I retired I have more time to experiment with new additions to the shop, but boy do I have trouble keeping up with making boys dolls clothes?!, anyway on to new bags I have made.
This is a pretty backpack to fit American Girl dolls.
doll's backpack

And one with a cool snake motif to fit Baby Born Boy dolls.
Doll's handbag

A stylish little dolls bag for American girl dolls.