Thursday, 8 December 2011

Awful weather and Christmas Orders

Hi there, what awful weather we are having eh? Winter seems to have come upon us with a bang! Jazz is staying near the warm fire most of the time, but every now and then he runs around the house chasing martians to run off his excess energy, very amusing to watch but rather damaging to the sofa and chairs as he uses them as a springboard. :(
OOps! got a couple of pair of my shoes in that pick sorry, I really should start to be more tidy, but I think maybe you will excuse me when you see all the custom orders I have been making lately in time for Christmas. Below is actually just the tip of the iceberg! , four more to go and six to post then I can start to finish my Christmas shopping. More excited about the fact that my son will be home fron uni for the Christmas Hols!!!
This is a rag doll in a land army outfit that I did for a ladie's mum, was quite a challenge but was quite pleased with the finished effect.

Thes two were part of a 9 outfit order for another lady, took me a while to get these done as I do have a day job as well,- lol

A ball gown with scalloped hem, and a fairy outfit complete with wings to fit Groovy girls dolls, made amongst others for a very good loyal customer.

And a Karate suit made to fit American girl but also to fit a little girl's Teddy.
Yes as you can see I have been very busy----Oh well! back to the sewing machine, as I said only four more to go before I catch the last post for Christmas.
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