Monday, 17 February 2014

Retirement and Annabell doll outfits

Well I can hardly  believe I am now retired!  It seemed to take forever to come round once I decided to do it, but I have now been retired for a  little over two weeks so it still feels rather strange , and really just as if I am on holiday, but no doubt it will become more real as time goes on. I am still going to do one afternoon a week on the nursing bank starting tommorow, just to keep my hand in, but I will now have much more time for sewing and stocking the shop. Of course the out-patients department where I work gave me a good send off with a lovely buffet at lunch time and lovely presents , and we had the customary dressing up of the celebrity, which in my case was dressing me as a dolly, and you can see the result in the picture below, I had to take a boot off to show the ribbon bows as the person taking the picture said she couldn't get the bows on my shoes in the frame!

I must say I got quite attched to the red wig by the end of the day. ;)  . Incidentally I had to do the clinics all day dressed like this, much to the surprise of the patients.

Anyhow I have been making good use of my free time by sewing a lot of new outfits, and I also treated myself to a new sewing machine, but I will tell you more about that when I next blog as my camera has run out of battery and I can't put the photo on until I have recharged. (Why do they alway run out just when you need to use them?)

However I can show you some photo's of the latest dolls clothes for the 18 inch Annabell doll.

Denim shorts with frills and a sweet little Angel top, the pink shoes are my next adventure, I am experimenting making shoes.

Very apt for the weather lately is a little A line raincoat and sou'wester hat trimmed with pink and little pink heart buttons.
Now there were some others I wanted to put on but for some reason blogger seems to be having a hissy fit today and won't let me load them, perhaps it will let me next time I blog.
I have also done some custom orders , one is a 'dorothy' outfit from the wizard of oz, and another is a first communion dress for American girl doll, which I did to match the little girls own outfit, I got some great feedback in the comments section of my shop from both my very satisfied customers regarding these,  lets see if blogger will let me download these for you to see.

Well it has let me load the 'Dorothy' outfit but not the Communion dress, I don't know what is happening today , I'm just getting a cross on the download and it refuses to go further, I will have to look into that next time.  Incidentally I have now made some little red shoes to go with the 'Dorothy' outfit that I will show you next time as it is on the next lot of 'no battery' photos.
Ah well , lets hope for better luck next time eh?