Monday, 6 December 2010

Orders in time for Christmas please?

Hi there, hope everyone is coping in this awful snow, I have really had enough of it now as I'm sure most of you have!

On a lighter note I have been very busy with orders this year, and just want to remind you peeps that if you are thinking of ordering it needs to be in for the twelvth, so that I can get it processed and out to you for Christmas. Any orders after this date may not get to you in time.

Here are some of the outfits  I recently sold. Thank you to all my customers this last few months and I  hope that you are all pleased with your purchases.

In January I plan to have a sale for some of the items left in my shop so please watch out for that to grab yourself a bargain from Dotties dolls clothes.
Also I will be hard at work at the sewing machine to bring you some new spring designs.