Monday, 12 October 2015

halloween outfits now in

I am now officially retired and had a 'do' with work freinds last Saturday, a lovely meal and a great time was had by all. I now have much more time to sew and am busy sewing and stocking almost every day. I have been making clothes for halloween, 
sixteen inch baby dolls

And at present I'm busy making more footwear and bags, photos of these to come next time .
Ive also been busy doing a custom order for a customer in Minessota US. She wanted some outfits for her daughters twelve inch doll who looked rather poor.
Hoping these oufits will cheer him up.

And I could'nt let this order go without a new pair of these!
I recently went to our local museum to see this victorian sewing exhibition which was quite interesting, such painstaking work in those days.

All those beads to sew on!

And this little book on sewing written in victorian times.