Thursday, 20 August 2015

A new Doll---Cabbage Patch

Looking around the local charity shops I came across a Cabbage Patch doll, and thought about making clothes for Cabbage patch for the shop! Why not ? I thought as I know these dolls are becoming popular again with children, and also are the prized possesions of some not so young collectors.  She has a yellow smear of felt pen on her and I suspect someone has been chopping at her hair, but I took her home and gave her a bit of a clean up with kitchen wipes and a magic sponge and she doesn't look too bad now.
  I drafted some basic patterns for her and started to sew...

cute doll's outfit
I made her some little black felt shoes so she would look better on the photos.  And here are some of the finished outfits....

doll's dress

doll's dress and panties

Doll's dungarees
They are in the shop now.  Just click on the link and your there!