Friday, 25 February 2011

A Productive time

Hi All ! Sorry I realise it's been a while since I did catch up, but have been busy taking my son around different uni's and taking him to Auditions, he is hoping for a BA in Musical Theatre, so all has been really busy around here, although it will all be worth it of course when he gets to where he wants to go on his next stage in his career path!

There has also been sickness in the house with winter bugs,but I think we're all getting over that now. Anyway for some of this week and all of last week I was on leave from the day job and able to catch up on tasks at home, and get some serious sewing done too.

This was what my kitchen table looked like for most of the week- busy busy!, with no room for anything else!
I sewed almost none stop from early morning to teatime, with lots of these to help me along -
And inbetween I had to keep doing this, otherwise I would have had complaints from my son, and my OH
And I also had some interference from him, I think he was trying to tell me I would do better making a start on the garden ready for spring ;)

But finally towards the end of the second week befor I went back to the day job, I managed to produce these!
And a few more besides. Now its just a case of photographing them all on the dolls, and loading them all into my shop, which has been rather depleted since after the Christmas rush.  Although I do have quite a large sale section in there at the moment.
I also am hosting a give away on this craft site at the moment if you want to pop on there to have a look just click on the Blog tag when you get there, it's a great site if you do something crafty yourself online you may want to put your blog or shop in there yourself, its well worth taking a look at.
Well onwards and upwards as they say, I must get on now with stocking up the shop and hope you can spare the time to pop in and have a look at all my work- when I have it all listed that is!
Bye for now and hope you all have a good weekend, and that this changable weather doesn't get you down too much. x