Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sewing Al- fresco and a little trip out

Hi again, such lovely weather we've been having lately isn't it? So last week whilst On days off from the day job I took my sewing machine,( Toya, ;)  ), into the garden and did some sewing out there on the patio.

At present I am making a custom order for a Groovy girl doll, this lady wants several outfits for a boy and a girl doll, and they will be going all the way to Philadelpia, USA, as she thinks my outfits are much better value for money than the outfits available there, so I'm quite pleased about that!

Whilst making these clothes I realised that the Groovy girls feet are much bigger than the Ty Girlz feet so I have modified the information in my shop regarding these two dolls as the jeans and trousers for the TY Girls won't fit the Groovy girlz. I will be putting them into two different categories at a later date when I have made more Groovy girlz outfits to go into the shop, but meanwhile you can order evrrything else from the range to fit the TY girlz dolls for your |Groovy girl doll , ....apart from any outfit with trousers, these will not go onto the Groovy dolls!..So I have  learnt something her ethat I didn't know before and thought I had better let you know to save problems when ordering.

Yesterday my OH and I went for a drive to Skipton and had a little wander around the town, we looked at the market there and some of the shops then we went into the church there and I lit a candle for my loved ones, and admired the beautiful stained glass windows there.... amazing!

Then we went for a little walk along the canal, and stopped to rest awhile .

Such a quaint little scene!

Well thats all for now until I see you again, today the weather has broken and we have had a little rain, but the weathermen have promised us some more fine weather soon so fingers crossed on that one!
Bye for now and take care, x