Saturday, 12 March 2011

The making of a rag doll

Hi again. Well today I thought it might be interesting to show you what goes into the making of my rag dolls that I sell in the shop . I have had some comments from customers, that although good, saying the dolls are lovely and that they pleased with their purchase, that they expected them to be bigger, I make them  to measure about 13 inches tall. This is by no means a tell off to the people concerned, as I am very grateful and pleased with all who purchase but just thought it would be interesting really  to show the work that goes into making them.

I start by painting the face with fabric dye, shaping the head and sewing all the pieces of the doll together.

Then I turn the peices and stuff all the body components, with fire resistent wadding, and stitch the parts together to make the doll.

Then its time to make the hair from wool and sew it together.

And stitch it to the dolls head.

Then its time to make the removable outfit. The bloomers, all lace trimmed.

The dress, all the clothes are overlocked, trimmed with lace etc.

The broderie-anglaise apron, also trimmed with lots of lace and ribbons etc.

Little shoes made from either felt or leather look fabric,

And so we come to the finished doll, all ready and waiting to be adopted!

And finally, I digress, seen in Wilkinsons store when I went in today, a lady trying on gardening gloves! Now am I missing something here?,-- I always thought they were one size!


  1. Hello Dot ,I wasn't sure where to comment. Just wanted to say hi and I have enjoyed reading your posts , I am supposed to be cleaning so best get on with it x

  2. How lovely to see your doll making process! You do a beautiful job.

    I found my way to your blog thru attic 24. Very nice posts to read thru!


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