Sunday, 11 July 2010

Stripping and stackers

Hi again, Yesterday was stripping day---no not me, don't think that would conjure up a very good picture, but since we decorated  the lounge some time ago and didn't get around to painting the paper on one wall, deciding to leave it white for a while ( really because we'de had enough of decorating for a while), we also left the small lobby that leads from the front door into the lounge, so-- seeing how I have a week off work , decided to finish up on the decorating and this is the 'nearly finished stripping lobby'-----
Now you may think why is she showing such a disgustingly shabby picture, but watch this space and hopefully will be showing you a brand spanking new lobby soon. 

Last week I bought this cute little stacker in which to put all my tiny buttons and bits and pieces for the dolls clothes , only £4.00 from Samuel Taylors. It tidies up the kitchen table a little as, having only a small house this is where I sew. I often stroll through the blogs and look enviously at other crafters sewing rooms and daydream of the one I will have of my own one day, when we have the money to buy a bigger house, don't know when that will be as we need to get my son through college and uni first !, maybe when |I retire and get my lump sum, and maybe just maybe there will be enough left to buy -- an overlocker! wow that would really be something, I have one on my sewing machine but to have one that actually cuts as it sews!! wow!, oh yes, where was I, the stacker yes , a super little pot with 4 compartments that all screw together, see  photos of it below, not terribly clear as the sun was streaming through the kitchen window when |I took the photo's this morning but you get the idea. I'm not complaining about the sun though, I just hope it stays for my little break next week.

Well thats all for now as I need to go and sew some more Barbie doll clothes, I had the last of them bought last week , (again not complaining, I might get that three bedroomed house with a CRAFT room yet, who knows.

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