Tuesday, 27 July 2010

This and That

Hi again, just thought I'd show you bits and bats of  my favorite things around the place today, This is a cross stitch picture I made that I have hanging in my kitchen, I used to do quite a lot of cross stitch before I started my online dolls clothes shop, don't have as much time for it now, although I keep promising myself I will finish my victorian house wall hanging that I have been stitching on linen for years on and off now, it is a delightful wall hanging showing all the rooms of the house in great detail, I will photograph it later in the week up to where I have got to in it, that may encourage me to finish it, and then show you the finished result, come to think of it I have loads of UFO's in my cupboards, have you many unfinished objects? perhaps if you talk about them in my blog here you may be encouraged to finish them.
The other thing I thought I might share with you is the stem of beady flowers I bought today on the way back from my hydrotherapy at the hospital, felt like treating myself it was rather expensive at £4.99 for one stem but I felt I deserved it after working hard at my underwater exercises.  Here it is peaping out of my grasses etc. It is made up of lemon beads and little red rhinestone set centres, thought it went well with the Valentine fairylights that I liked so much I never got around to putting them away until next Valentines day!

Sorry that picture is a little overexposed I'm not the best of Photographers I'm afraid, will try again in my next blog entry when I will show you the new outfits I have made for my shop to fit Annabell and Barbie. Meanwhile I will show you the last outfit I made for Baby born, still up for sale and I really did think it would be snapped up- just goes to show eh?

I think thats all I have to show you for know, don't forget to post about the UFO's, take care until we meet again.

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