Saturday, 18 September 2010

Busy sewing to stock the shop

Hi there, What awful rainy weather we are having here in the West Yorkshire region, and I'm sure in other regions too, like many of you I am not looking forward to Winter, I am just not a winter person, however I have been keeping busy sewing new Items for the shop for the coming winter season. Coats and berets, a duffle coat, and hoping to get some more seasonal items on soon ready for Christmas shoppers. Oh no! I hear you say, she said that dreaded C word!, I know I'm not keen on it yet either, but it will come sooner than we think, so I have to be prepared. Here is a taster of some of the recent items to my shop :-

And of course before C********s we have Halloween!

I do try to sew for most occasions and seasons, I think it is important for dolly to dress accordingly!  ;)
I hope to be adding a lot more soon, -  time allowing so please pop into the shop from time to time, you are always welcome, until then have a lovely weekend despite the rain. xx

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  1. love the Halloween fabric Dot. Halloween time is my faverate for images


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