Friday, 20 March 2015

I had a lovely break in Jersey visiting relatives last week, got back late sunday night and then spent the day monday clearing all my kitchen cupboards ready for the workmen to make a start on the Tuesday. I then turned the lounge into a mini kitchen with microwave, kettle, toaster, and a box of neccesary supplies in there. I have a big box in the bedroom with all my sewing bits and pieces, not much sewing getting done. I have had, and am still having a chaotic time with no water in the kitchen, a hole at the back of where the sink unit was, which I have to watch that the cats don't go exploring under the floor. Tthere is no electricity in there either , apart from the fridge and the boiler, so when we need to use the fridge at night to get anything we have to take a torch into the kitchen.  The cats arn't much impressed either.
This is actually the cat from next door but he spends all his time in my house as he doesn't want to live with her, I think she neglects him somewhat, he gets fed here, and fussed.

I am making and have managed to complete this week, some little goodies with which I hope to open an Etsy shop, I will let you have a peak here.
thes are filled with lavender to hang in the bathroom, I especially like the way the eyes have turned out.
I also have put  another easter dress in the shop. This one can be found in the Annabell section soon. I couldn't find my camera for ages in the chaos so have only been able to upload these today.
Keep tuned in for pictures of ...'hopefully,a finished kitchen soon'.
We didn't see much of the eclipse today as it was very cloudy in this part of Yorkshire. Now I'm off for a coffee and to watch Loose Women on tv, Bye for now.

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