Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Kitchen , garden, and workshop

Well, as promised, if a little late, I now have the photos of my house improvements, which so far is the kitchen, the garden, and an outdoor studio to sew in and do all the things I do for my online shop selling dolls clothes. I am very pleased so far as I am using my NHS pension to make the improvements to my little house, and therefore have something to show for all my years of working as a qualified nurse, and it makes for a pleasanter retirement. 
So first of all the kitchen before---
And the kitchen now-----
Although I have now painted the wall here since this picture was taken, here are some more of the new kitchen, showing the other sides.--
Including a nice new cooker
And bags more cupboard space
On to the Garden , I have had this completely decked so no more weeding flower beds or lawns to mow, which is much better for me as I have fibromyalgia. I don't have any before photos of the garden.
Smart new table and chairs

Lots of plants in pots, string lights,
My lovely new buddha and a lantern,
And best of all, my outdoor studio/workroom!  Now if you are not too bored with all these photo's I will show you inside my workroom, where I spend a lot of my time now.
 It is so easy to work in here now with everything to hand on the shelves, much easier than using the kitchen like before. I painted all inside in mint green , and made the curtains which you can just see to the left of the photo.
 I have my old cassette player, inherited from my dear dad, my new dab radio, and a little fan/ heater, which seams to be adequate for heating so far, as the walls are lined with lambswool.I have my stitching books, and of course, another buddha.
 My hubby, an upholsterer and antiques restore, brought me this little chair to sit at the sewing machine, just as I was finishing painting and bringing all my things in, nice suprise!

This is the inside of the door, a little window open on the left, security system, and a lovely little wooden plaque that my son had made for me takes pride of place above the door.
Everything is very light and airy.
I'm so happy with my little workspace now.

I have also opened an 'Etsy' shop, so next time I will show you the latest dolls clothes to go in the shop, and the things I have made for my Etsy shop. Till then take care

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